Be Human

Our culture promotes a balanced environment because we believe your well-being not only contributes to your productivity but also enriches your experience in every aspect of life.

At Beyond, we believe your true success includes a balanced professional and personal life.

Our Wheel of Life

Our Wheel of Life

We encourage balance and well-being in the 8 areas that we consider essential in people's lives. This includes aspects such as relationships, spirituality, finances, society, personal goals, health, family, and professional life.



Integrate people to your life


Be congruent with your values


Financial education


Integration with all our regions, social commitment


Develop and personal grow


Promote physical and emotional health, improving our lifestyle


Our family living beyond culture


Employees know, learn and receive feedback from each other

We offer you this space to seek balance among the different areas of the wheel of life.

With Beyond Balance, we provide you with the tools to create comprehensive and personalized harmony, aiming for you to find your own balance in every aspect of your life.

Be Balance


The planner is an application of our Be Balance program. In this self-awareness and reflection tool developed by the Beyond team, you can assess your satisfaction in the different areas of the wheel of life.

Furthermore, it helps you set priorities, define goals, and create a specific action plan to achieve comprehensive well-being.

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Balance Days

Rest days for our collaborators to enjoy doing what they love the most.


Enjoy multiple discounts and benefits at various establishments.

Hapiness 2 Work

Ongoing measurement of workplace happiness to identify areas for improvement and prevent risks.

Well-being Index

We conduct a survey to understand your preferences and provide you with a personalized experience.


Periodically, we have integration activities inspired by the various areas of the wheel of life.
During these events, all Beyond departments share quality moments, enjoying relaxation and fun together.

Beyond Summer Kids

Los colaboradores compartieron su conocimiento y hobbies con la siguiente generación la generación del futuro.

Health and Productivity

En beyond sabemos que el movimiento es vida y con esta actividad aprendimos a ejercitarnos aún en la oficina.

Let's play together

En esa actividad jugamos juntos en línea y exploramos las nuevas tecnologías de la  realidad virtual

Guess the area

Retamos a cada equipo de trabajo a dibujar cómo aportan al ecosistema Beyond y el resto tratamos de decifrar sus dibujos en una divertida sesión

Picnic de convivencia

Compartimos un desayuno junto a la sombra de los árboles y nos integramos con actividades divertidas en familia.

Viernes de Chelas

Los colaboradores compartieron una agradable tarde de charlas y trabajo con un toque más informal.

MEA: Beyond Business Culture

Aprendimos acerca de la cultura de negocios de la mano de nuestros colaboradores de Emiratos Árabes, Pakistan y Marruecos.

Rosca de reyes

Abrazamos la tradición mexicana de partir la rosca en compañía de los colaboradores beyond

Beyond Recognition

Through this program, we acknowledge our collaborators when they bring any of the 12 values of our philosophy to life.
We invite you to experience and share our culture to continue making a positive impact on the ecosystem.

We generate well-being and
transcendence for our collaborators

“I am grateful to Beyond because I have learned and grown professionally and personally through courses, activities, and feedback from my colleagues.

In races, family challenges, activities for children, support for vulnerable populations, and concern for the environment, we have an example of how Beyond Technology is a company committed to providing well-being for everyone.”

Colaborador Beyond


“For me, balance means achieving both the company’s and our clients’ goals without neglecting my own or my family’s.

The hybrid work model (between home and office) has been key to improving my efficiency by reducing commuting times and facilitating interaction with the entire team.”


Colaborador Beyond


“I feel very fortunate to be part of Beyond, where the focus is not only on work but also on valuing and promoting balance in life after work.

Here, we are provided with sessions to improve our finances and health, as well as activities we can enjoy with our family. Thank you for creating a space where we can grow and prosper in all aspects of our lives!”

Colaborador Beyond